Test according to DGUV rule 109-002

DGUV regulation 109-002 (previously BGR 121) "Workplace ventilation - Ventilation measures" stipulates an effectiveness test in paragraph 11.2.2. This test should be carried out at regular intervals, at least once a year, as well as after changes to the system that require testing. The test may be carried out by a person qualified to carry out the test (formerly a qualified person).

Tasks and objectives of the inspection:

  • Assessment of the actual condition
  • Evaluation of the functional safety
  • Assessment of the maintenance plan / maintenance
  • Visual/acoustic inspection of the system
  • Detection of mechanical defects
  • Functional test by means of air volume measurement (if possible)
  • Effectiveness test by means of particle measurement
  • Evaluation of the overall impression
  • Suggestions for optimizing the operating behavior
  • Entry in the existing on-site inspection book
  • Attaching the inspection sticker
  • Creation of daily protocol
  • Creation of the test protocol, digital dispatch in the follow-up

One component of the test is particle measurement in the exhaust air. This effectiveness test checks and documents the effectiveness and thus the function of the filter system.

After passing the test, a clearly visible test sticker is attached to the system. The test sticker shows the day of the test and the period of the next test date.