Cleaning performed by yourself

If you want to clean your inserts yourself, we can offer you our indusa SH-150-2 ultrasonic cleaning system. The unit is specially designed for the optimal cleaning of electrostatic filter elements. The tank has a capacity of 150 litres. The cleaning liquid can be heated up to 80° by a thermostat. The cleaning time is regulated by a timer. Due to the rollers the cleaning system is mobile and can be used where it is needed.

The highly concentrated, weakly alkaline universal cleaning agent
induclean 15 is specially designed for electrostatic filter system components. It is used in ultrasonic basins as well as high-pressure cleaners, but can also be used in cleaning machines. The cleaner quickly dissolves oily impurities as well as soot and graphite without attacking the aluminium. In addition, the petrification of heating coils is prevented.