Filter Media - vlitec

Our nonwovens are used to filter impurities from liquids, e.g. abrasive emulsion, drilling emulsion, erosion oils, acids, alkalis, etc.

Through the use of our own sewing machines, we are able to fabricate fleece hoods, sacks or similar according to the customer's requirements. Viscose, polypropylene and acrylic as well as various mixed fleeces are used.

The fields of application range from sewage filtration to covers in painting processes.

Filter Media - vlitec

Filter Nonwovens

Our nonwovens are used on many common belt filter systems such as gravity band filters, pressure band filters and vacuum band filters. We adjust the widths and lengths according to the material to our customers' requirements.

Filter Bags

We produce high quality filter bags of all qualities.
In our sewing department, we can produce filter bags or similar customized products quickly and cheaply. Our filter bags include viscose, polypropylene and acrylic as well as various mixed fleeces.

Air Filter Media

The product range of our air filter media consists exclusively of thermally strengthened PVC-free fiber webs. Our product range includes the following media for air filtration:

• Synthetic filter media
• Bag filters
• Glass fiber filter media
• Glass fiber filter cells
• High efficiency filter cells
• Paint mist separators
• Fine dust compact filter
• High-temperature filter media

Paint Hoods

We offer varnish covers in all sizes, with absolute impermeability and high durability. The adhesion of the paints to the non-woven cover is increased by a special coating. Especially with water lacquers we can achieve many advantages over conventional covers with our product.