Wet filtration

Filter fleeces are used in wet filtration for the separation of solids from liquids. For filtration of cooling lubricants and washing media of all kinds.

The quality of the non-woven fabric is measured by the separation performance of the suspended particles/minute particles, ideally without any pressure loss during the filtration. There are two types of filtration, surface filtration and depth filtration.

In surface filtration, all minute particles are deposited on the surface of the filter fleece thereby increasing the pressure loss of the liquid to be filtered.

This can be compared to depth filtration. Voluminous filter fleeces which catch or collect the suspended/smallest particles in the fibre labyrinth are used for this purpose. This increases the degree of filtration.

Both in surface filtration as well as depth filtration, the accumulated layer of chips, fine particles and other processing waste on the filter medium are also referred to as filter cake.

This filter cake contributes significantly to improving the filtration.

Filter fleeces are used on many common belt filter systems such as gravity filters, pressure belt filters, vacuum filters, round filters, bag filters, tube filters, basket filters and many more.

Filter fleece of any kind, density, quality and strength as well as of different structures and quality can be obtained from us. Individual sizes and filter bags, especially for your machine, are possible and there are various possible applications in paint processes. Benefit from our many years of experience.

You will find further information about our vlitec filter fleece here.