We focus on sustainability in every product development. Particular attention is paid to the constantly rising energy costs. All elstar and mestar air filters have been equipped with modern EC fans since 2012. These reduce the electricity costs significantly. In the case of central systems, air volume and thus the use of energy can be regulated according to requirements. The programming, which is tailored to the application, allows for a situation-dependent control of the system. This also helps to save energy.

Our new location, like our filter systems, is designed for sustainability.

The lighting consists almost entirely of modern LED luminaires which significantly reduce the power consumption.

The building is heated by the connection to the district heating supply of the city of Neu-Anspach. Heat generation with wood, which grows in the forrest of the city , is a resource and climate friendly.

On the roof of our building is a 100 kW photovoltaic system which underlines the sustainability concept.

The suppliers and business partners come almost exclusively from the region and enable us to react quickly and competently as well as to enable our continuous development and our high quality standard.

All of our products are "made in Germany".