Central systems

A central system allows the optional usage of recirculation or exhaust air operation. This helps save energy in winter.

There is also a simple structure of different exhaust air and filter concepts. The central location also means there is only one central maintenance point. By choosing the individual ventilation units wisely, maintenance can be done without having to shut down the filter system.

This means that filter operation continues during maintenance.

In particular, it is easy to install heat-recovery components in the central system to save on further energy costs.

Further benefits of central systems:

  • Air volume: Up to 30,000 m³/h per device.
  • Upstream/downstream connection of different filter types and stages, e.g. cyclone separator, activated carbon, HEPA filter
  • Vertical and horizontal designs
  • Customized ventilation systems
  • Central control/special control (SPS)
  • Customized designs
  • Individual solution concepts