Room Aair Purifier - elstarV

The elstarV has been developed to clean polluted air in areas outside industrial halls. By combining different separation systems, the air purifier filters and deactivates viruses, bacteria, pollen, germs, fine dust and mold spores from the air. Separated viruses are proven to be 99.7% separated and deactivated.

Compact Portable Design

Due to its design and ease of operation, the elstarV filter system is suitable for use in public areas, schools, restaurants, meeting rooms and many other areas with a room volume of up to 80 m² at a 5-fold air exchange rate, and a room height of 2.50 m. For larger rooms, several elstarV units can be combined. The compact filter system is equipped with rollers for portability between locations.

Electrostatic Elimination of Pollutants

Pollutants are separated using electrostatic technology. In electrostatic air cleaning, the separation of particles is achieved by means of electrical particle charging. Viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen and other pollutants attach themselves to solid and liquid aerosol particles which are separated by the unit. As a by-product of the separation process, ozone is produced, which additionally contributes to disinfection, germ elimination and odour elimination. The activated carbon unit neutralizes the ozone and eliminates all odours. The continuous UV-C irradiation deactivates the separated viruses and kills bacteria as well as germs. This means that there is no longer any danger from the trapped viruses and bacteria, for example when cleaning the filter unit.

No Replacement Filters Required

There is no need to replace the main filter element, as is the case with air purification systems with HEPA filters. The filter cell is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Low Energy Consumption

The operating principle of the elstarV makes it one of the systems with the lowest power consumption. Depending on the desired air performance, this is between 60 and 275 watts. The air output can be regulated individually at any time via the integrated touch panel.

Significant Reduction of Airborne Viruses

Continuously cleaned air reduces the aerosol load in the room. Viruses introduced to the environment, for example by someone who is ill, therefore find fewer aerosol carriers and so the risk of infection, when combined with the separation provided by the elstarV units, is significantly minimized. In the current phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, a "Corona" filter can significantly increase the safety and well-being of people.


The elstarV room air purifier cleans the air in your rooms.

  • Slim and modern design.
  • Low power consumption from 60 to 275 watts (depending on the set air performance)
  • A stable, consistent air purification performance resulting in lower power consumption than mechanical systems using filter cassettes.
  • Easily portable thanks to inbuilt casters
  • Active protection against viruses, bacteria, germs, mold spores, pollen, smoke, nicotine and fine dust - reduced exposure for allergy sufferers
  • Molecular filter eliminates odors, ozone and VOCs
  • Maximum safety due to proven function on genuine infectious coronaviruses by the ILK in Dresden
  • Main filter element can be cleaned and does not have to be replaced as in comparable systems
  • UV-C light inactivates viruses and kills germs and bacteria - Safe cleaning
  • Cleanable filter cell: remove-clean-insert, thus low follow-up costs
  • Plug & Play - no assembly or installation required
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Intuitive operation via touch panel with child safety locks
  • Automatic switch-on with week planner
  • Timer function
  • Low noise level of 20 to 50 dB(A)
  • Service light for active service management
  • 24 months parts warranty in advance exchange with 12 months on-site service
  • Made in Germany

List of filterable substances

- viruses

- bacteria

- germs

- pollen

- fine dust

- spores

- tobacco smoke

- odours


The integrated, ergonomic touch panel is intuitive to operate. The following functions are available:

Switching the filter system on and off
Timer function. Counts down and then switches off
Weekly planner. Setting of freely programmable switch-on and switch-off times as well as air output for each day of the week.
Status display informs you when the filter cell is due to be cleaned, the operating hours of the activated carbon inserts and the operating hours of the UV-C lamps
Child lock with PIN query
Possible sources of error are detected and displayed as an error message; in addition, an acoustic signal sounds.

Technology in Detail

The polluted air is sucked through the air cleaner from the bottom to the top. The pre-separator (1) protects the subsequent filter stages from particles that are too large and ensures uniform air distribution in the system. In the ioniser (3), the aerosol particles to be filtered are electrically charged by means of ion bombardment and separated in the electric field of the collector (4). The UV-C lamps (2) irradiate the collector surfaces throughout and deactivate the viruses, bacteria and germs deposited there. As a by-product of the electrostatic filter cell (3+4), ozone is produced, which additionally destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and odour molecules. After particle separation, the afterfilter (5) ensures uniform air distribution. The EC fan (6) transports the air through the system. As the last filter stage, the air flows through the activated carbon filter (7) which destroys the ozone and also absorbs odours.

Proof of function

In a study with infectious coronaviruses, the Institute for Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK Dresden) found that the elstarV 1000 N room air filtration system is suitable for inactivating them to a large extent. A considerable germ reduction of up to 99.7% of the viruses in the air was proven.

Here you can view the test report of the ILK-Dresden.

Further information on the Institute for Air Handling and Refrigeration in Dresden can be found here:

Cleaning and replacing the filter units

Filter cell:
When the filter cell needs to be cleaned is shown to you via the touch panel. The filter cell can be cleaned with soapy water at 60° to 90°C or in the dishwasher at min. 60°C. There is no risk of rusting; the filter cell is made entirely of stainless steel. There is no risk of rust; the filter cell is made entirely of stainless steel.

Activated carbon unit:
Depending on the usage, a necessary exchange of the activated charcoal inserts is signalled via the touch panel. Activated carbon mats can be disposed of with commercial waste.

UV-C lamps (2 pieces):
A necessary replacement of the UV-C lamps is indicated via the touch panel after 8000 operating hours. UV-C lamps can be disposed of via the waste electrical and electronic equipment collection point.

Energy Consumption

Energy Consuption

  • Energy-efficient GreenTech EC technology from ebm-papst ensures energy efficiency.
  • only 275 watts at maximum air performance of 1000 m³/h
  • adjustable from 200 to 1000 m³/h, adaptable to room size

Where less energy is consumed, lower electricity costs are also incurred. The fan used in the elstarV is adjustable and thus able to react flexibly to actual performance requirements which can have a significant economical impact by reducing wasted consumption through tailored usage levels. GreenTech EC fans operate completely wear-free, are significantly quieter, do not degrade in performance, and also have a considerably longer service life.

Installation and Use

Depending on the size and geometry of the room, the air purifier can be set up in different places in the room.

If the intake openings of the filter system are not covered, the installation location in the room has no influence on the suction capacity of the system. The air flow, however, influences the swirling of the air and thus the supply of aerosol to the filter unit. Air turbulence is therefore desirable.

The elstarV is suitable for rooms up to 80m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m. For such a room, this results in a 5-fold air change. If the room is smaller, the air flow rate can be reduced or the air change rate increased accordingly. For larger rooms, several elstarVs can be distributed throughout the room. The air flow of the discharged, cleaned air towards the ceiling creates a deliberate air movement in the room. This means that there is no direct airflow onto the people in the room. Aerosol nests are set in motion and fed to the extraction area. Thanks to the durable and high-quality components installed, 24-hour operation 7 days a week is possible without any problems.